roXbo jig

Developing bindings for any kind of snow sport, finally leads to the questing of how to mount them to the skis.
Making it precise and quick for sport shops or even DIY, quickly a tool is needed to achieve those premises.
But those tools will cost money and having smaller volumes of mounting particular bindings the costs for those jigs will not charge off. That often leads to workarounds, tending to bring more problems.

The roXbo jig brings a solution for having an easy to use tool and not spending too much money for it.
Having one basic frame with our patented clamping mechanism and a flexible system bearing the different drilling patterns the roXbo jig will...

save time

Avoid searching for jigs!

save space

Having one bigger frame the rest are small plates, easily stored.

save money

The invest in new drilling patterns is reduced by 50%. Also existing patterns can be reused and combined freely.

save ressources

Be more ecological. Smaller packages will save CO2. Reuse existing parts.
The main part of the jig is the frame.
Supporting every ski width from 55 up to 150 it can easily be locked onto the ski using the spiral clamping mechanism.
This mechanism is created to work the easiest way possible by avoiding springs. Changing of shoe positions at the clamping plates is also not necessary, another big point for mistakes while drilling.
On top of the frame a scale helps bringing the jig to the exact shoe size and align to special positions (like rental sizes). The basic frame support all shoe sizes from 190 to 390mm
The frame can be reused for almost every drilling pattern!
Next come the plates.
The plates are inserted in the frame and will be tightly fixed by a quarter turn.
Two different supports avoid mixing up front and heel plate.
Any mixture of plates and patterns is possible. To find the right plates an App will help.