jig solutions

Romacker GmbH is providing jig solutions for any use case.
Let it be touring bindings or cross country. Our vast variety of products allows to provide a cutom made jig for everyone.
In addition to the roXbo system we can provide the following types.

jig type

fixed jigs
If the binding does not require matching to a specific shoe size, fixed jigs are the most cost effective way.
adjustable jigs
Light weight bindings need a adaption of the pattern according to the shoe size. Adjustable jigs provide a way to achieve an exact pattern definition.

clamping type

spring loaded
Reliable clamping but with limited ranges.
We provide different clamping widths, beginning at 36mm up to 150mm but restricted to 40mm opening width per clamping type.
spiral clamping
The most versatile clamping mechanism on the market.
Fast and operated without strength. Ski width from 55 to 150 with one turn.
Both types can be combined.

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