roXbo digital

Beeing able to combine drill pattern freely, also brings the danger of mixing the wrong plates

Along with the jig comes the roXbo-App


Get the App


Our app is using web technology helping you to find the right plates. You do not have to visit the play or app store.
Basically you even do not need to install this app to work, but it surely is more convenient to have it on your home screen.

To install the roXbo App, open the link above and then go to the settings.
Choose "Add to Home Screen" and confirm. The link will be available on your device.

How to use

Allow the webpage to use the camera
Select the binding:
  • 1. Select the Brand
  • 2. Select the Model
You will see the plates you need for this model.

To be really sure you have picked the correct ones you can scan the QR-Codes to make sure.
After you have scanned all necessary plates you are ready to go. Please always refer to the manuals of ski and binding!
  • Manual available. Click to open.
  • Important info! Please read prior to drilling!
  • Opens the help card of the app.